Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter in order to complain about a car that i rented from your agency recently. When i colliected it from your city branch, i noticed clouds of smoke coming from teh exhaust pipe. i told your representative that i required a dependale vehicle as i would be making a long journey, and he assured me that i would not have any mechanical difficulties with it.

Howver, as soon as i took it for a longer trip it broke down, leaving me stranded 200 km from the nearest town. To make matters worse, the air-conditioning stopped working as well. Consequently, after several hours aof waitings, first for help and then for repairs, i had to drive on in the summer heat. Since irented this car on your representativ's advice, i feel that i am entitled to request a full refund.

Yours faithfully,

Jamie Wang

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